answered questions
Hello, can you inform me....is it possible/appropriate to supplement zinc and or magnesium after taking dairy products, kefir etc. Thank you for possible info. LJ
Hello, can you inform me of the zinc listed above can I take it together as per the dosage description with product Vilgain Magnesium Bisglycinate. Thank you in advance for the info. JL.
Hello, the tablets are taken whole with the packaging and just swallowed? Thank you for your answer and have a nice day.
Hello, how long is it advisable to take zinc or do I need to take some breaks? I have been taking one tablet every night before bed for at least 2 years, more likely more (to improve my skin). Could such a long term use of zinc, for some reason, be detrimental to the body? Thank you for your reply.
Hello, what would be the ideal time (timing) for the following: Nexgen Pro (1 capsule per day), Vilgain Zinc (1 capsule per day), Vilgain Magnesium (2 capsules per day)? I have to take Nexgen after meals, otherwise I get heartburn, so I take it after lunch. But what about Zinc and Magnesium? Can they be taken together? Alternatively, how to supplement on training days and non-training days? Thanks in advance for the answer.
Hello, when will the zinc be in stock (10/26/22)? Thank you for info.
Hello, when is it best to take zinc? (Morning/evening) or does it have no effect? Thank you.
Good evening, it says it is not suitable for children, I want to ask if there is an age restriction or if it is not suitable for children and adolescents at all? Thank you very much for the answer. Jana Shindler