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Very much approved! I didn't expect there could be such a difference in the tortilla! It's thicker but tastes amazing! Just one is enough to fill you up for a long time! Yummy!

If anyone is the queen of wraps, it's me. Eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch, cheese for dinner. A quickie that tastes great. Unlike regular tortillas, it's a little thicker - reminds me of a Greek kebab.

Ottima per un pranzo/cena veloce, gli ingredienti sono esattamente 5 , la di può farcire come si preferisce. Io ad esempio l’ho farcita con tacchino, Philadelphia, pomodori a ed insalata! Troppo buona 😍

Absolutely perfect, I buy repeatedly. Composition incomparable to other wraps/tortillas...

Super wrap. It is useful when you are not in a hurry and need to make something quick and healthy to eat.

Great composition, excellent taste. For me, the dough could be a bit thinner, but I understand that it's probably not possible. I recommend

Too thick for me, but the ingredients are great and the taste is delicious

God's product! Quick and tasty boiled chicken ready in minutes! Just fill and bake 👍

Honestly, I don't like it much, but the ingredients are a total blast. I recommend to try it at least once ! ☺️

Okay ! Thank you!