Almond butters

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100% almond butters

Almond butters are characterised by their slightly bitter taste and are one of the most popular nut butters. They are made from roasted almonds, with no added sugar, salt or oil. You can enjoy an even fuller almond flavour thanks to activated nut almond butter.

Ingredients of almond butter

Almond butters are made from shelled or unshelled almonds. Butter made from shelled blanched almonds is creamier and significantly sweeter than butter made from unshelled almonds. On the other hand, butter made from shelled almonds is richer in antioxidants. In general, the following is true of 100% almond butters:

  • they contain about 21 g of protein,
  • have a higher carbohydrate content,
  • they are a good source of fibre and vitamin E,

Uses of almond butter

Almond butter is great for flavouring porridges, smoothies, pancakes or protein drinks. It is also a great ingredient for desserts or sauces. You can also use blanched almond butter to make marzipan - just add sugar and water (or egg whites).