Anna Bellová

Anna Bellová

Favourite products

Vilgain Beef Neck
Vilgain Beef Neck ⁠–⁠ tender beef without preservatives, 98% meat in each package, seasoned only with salt and pepper
100 g
3,49 €
Vilgain Diet Whey
Vilgain Diet Whey ⁠–⁠ enriched with natural extracts to promote weight loss, low in fat and sugar, sweetened with stevia
Chocolate and coconut 1000 g
26,99 €
Vilgain Shiitake Hazelnuts Quinoa
Vilgain Shiitake Hazelnuts Quinoa ⁠–⁠ a blend of tri-coloured quinoa, shiitake mushrooms, nuts and vegetables, 7 natural ingredients, for a quick and balanced meal
250 g
4,49 €
Vilgain Organic Spelt Pizza Crust
Vilgain Organic Spelt Pizza Crust ⁠–⁠ for the preparation of homemade American-style spelt pizza, puffier and richer dough, only 7 natural ingredients from Italy
300 g (2 x 150 g)
3,19 €
Vilgain Sweet Nuts Topping
Vilgain Sweet Nuts Topping ⁠–⁠ sweet hazelnut cream, extra creamy texture, only 5 natural ingredients
Salted caramel peanut 270 g
6,99 €
Vilgain Exotic Fruit Mix
Vilgain Exotic Fruit Mix ⁠–⁠ freeze-dried crunchy fruit blend, with 100% natural composition and perfect taste
45 g
3,79 €


Pleasant, unforced sweet taste, no artificial aftertaste, consistency of stiffer topping (not like water like 99% of producers), does not blow out of it... Topka🤤🤌🏻

I picked up the peach fuzz flavor with a little soul, and for the first time, I was very positive about this protein, whether in taste or nutritional value and composition, as well as great rozpustnosťou👌🏻. I don't experience digestive issues like I do with most from other manufacturers. Really a blast.🧡

This shaker really has everything I expect from a gym bottle 👉🏻✅easy to open, yet waterproof (doesn't leak, doesn't spill💧),✅string to mix protein against lumps, ✅practical containers for protein, supplements... MUST HAVE! ❤️