Anna Bellová

Anna Bellová

Favourite products

Vilgain Yellowfin tuna fillets in brine ⁠–⁠ high omega-3 content, no added oils, from sustainable fisheries
200 g
4,99 €
Vilgain R2E Turkey Meat ⁠–⁠ lean meat from local farms for quick preparation of tasty meals
400 g
6,99 €
Vilgain Organic Whole Grain Rye Bread ⁠–⁠ highly digestible, full of fibre and omega-3, only 7 ingredients
With chia seeds 375 g
1,79 €
Vilgain Coconut Oil Cooking Spray ⁠–⁠ made of fragrant Philippine coconut, with practical dispenser
200 ml
6,99 €
Vilgain Extra Jam ⁠–⁠ handmade 100% fruit jam with no added sugar
Mango and maracuja with no added sugar 200 g
7,99 €
Vilgain Chicken breasts ⁠–⁠ large cuts of lean meat, from proven farms, without preservatives
With salt and pepper 100 g
2,69 €
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Great as a side dish for salads, spreads, super source of complex carbohydrates and fiber:)

Quality sources of omega 3🐟 and tastes absolutely delicious!

This product really surprised me!😍I didn't expect it to be so tasty. Tastes like smoked sausage/bacon, only with better ingredients and super macros😄

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