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Hello, is it basically instant flakes( first ground of course and then pressed)? Alternatively, what is the glycemic index. Thank you.
Hello, what is the glycemic index of the flakes?
Hello, are these flakes supposed to be soaked overnight so they can be eaten for breakfast. Thank you for the answer.
Hello, I would like to ask if this cereal is suitable for celiacs? Thank you :)
Hello, why can't I order two boxes anymore, I used to order two boxes.
I used to order the flakes regularly and I was very satisfied. Now I don't know, maybe I picked up some weird packaging..because every serving, there are a lot of hard flakes that can't be eaten. So I've been throwing the whole package away. But I'll give them another chance and order again and then I'll see.
Hello, are these pads also suitable for children? For example for a half year old child? Thank you
Hello, may I ask, are these the same ones that used to be in the bag? Thank you
Hello, please don't you also plan to use gluten free oatmeal, since you use it in making flapjack? Thank you! :)
Hello, There won't be any more 2 kg packs? 4x500 seems unnecessary to me even in terms of more packaging (and waste). Thanks.