31 Ratings

Fine beef snack. Moist and softer than regular jerky

A jerky that doesn't go between your teeth? This is it! Perfect consistency and taste of meat! I would appreciate a smaller pack for travel. But other than that, it's a blast.

Delicious. I always have it at home.

A pleasant surprise. Tastes great and especially not as chewy and dried out as classic jerky. The jerky bites are tasty even for my little (2 years old) daughter, she can bite and eat them just fine.

Super juicy

The bag disappeared in a few minutes, I'm definitely buying another one right away 🤭 just could be a bigger size

This product really surprised me!😍I didn't expect it to be so tasty. Tastes like smoked sausage/bacon, only with better ingredients and super macros😄

Even better than the classic Vilgain jerky, this was very good!

Properly fine, super packaging, too bad it's not 25g each.