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The finest ground coconut sugar I've ever come across. For me, the bomb :)

Koko sugar in powdered form. Sweeten your coffee, cake or anything its caramel taste is irresistible. Super substitute for powdered white sugar. Or just sprinkle the kids' porridge with it and they're guaranteed to eat it. Or sprinkle on buns anything. I've loved it for the caramel flavour ever since I first tried it

For me the best sugar substitute in baking. Right this sugar is nicely ground, so it has the texture of icing sugar. I love it for its caramel taste and smell! It just tastes like caramel.

This is a must have for everyone who loves caramel and its smell! Exactly, this sugar is like caramel! It is obtained by hand by harvesting the nectar from the flowers of coconut palms in Indonesia. It is then boiled to create caramel which is crushed into tiny brown crystals. So this coco sugar has a consistency as fine as icing sugar! Caramelised fruits will be perfect with it!


A healthier option for sweetening. For me, ideal for baking or for caramelizing fruit, for example.