Vilgain Gluten Free Pizza Base

35 Ratings

Perfect. We moistened the pastry a little and then decorated it. Very delicious, I will definitely order more.Thank you very much.

Best thing in the world.

You can taste that it is not a classic dough. But after baking it is a delicious homemade pizza ready in a few minutes:)

Great pizza Great taste I will definitely buy again

It crumbles in places, but this is due to the lack of gluten. Otherwise, for a homemade pizza, a great product for a quick meal.

I haven't had pizza in a long time due to the bzl diet and when I saw it I was heading to the cart and I really don't regret it. The dough is delicious. Sure it breaks a little, but what gluten-free doesn't? So, for me, it's a total win-win.

it just got dusty

fast, excellent

BITCH! Great job

The dough came slightly crumpled and broken, but it certainly won't derail anyone who has experience with gluten-free. Taste delicious, we never want another! :)

Hi Jane, thank you for your review. If you found the pizza base broken, please don't hesitate to email us with a photo. We're glad you like the dough, we're sure you'll conjure up all sorts of goodies with it! :) Have a nice day