Vilgain Grass-Fed Protein Sample Pack ⁠–⁠ a combination of concentrates and isolates, from the milk of grass‑fed cows, without synthetic flavours and colours

Vilgain Grass-Fed Protein Sample Pack ⁠–⁠ a combination of concentrates and isolates, from the milk of grass‑fed cows, without synthetic flavours and colours

Maximum taste with 100% natural origin without artificial sweeteners

We've got you covered with a pack of premium whey concentrates and isolates made from real ingredients without any extra nonsense. You'll be delighted with high levels of great‑for‑you protein including BCAAs to support muscle growth and maintenance.

Natural colour and flavour

We use only natural ingredients like vanilla, cocoa, bananas, and strawberries and avoid artificial flavours and colours to maintain their authentic taste and colour in our protein.

Instead of sucralose, we use a natural sweetener made from stevia leaves

The stevia plant enables us to create a sweetener that is rich in steviol glycosides. This sweetener has no impact on blood sugar levels, is 200‑300 times sweeter than sugar, and is considered a safe and natural non‑caloric option.

Why do we not use sucralose?

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is made by combining chlorine and sucrose. It is currently the most commonly used artificial sweetener. However, recent studies have highlighted some potential negative effects of using sucralose. For instance, it may reduce insulin sensitivity, making tissues less receptive to it, even at doses typically consumed by dietary supplement users. Another potential side‑effect of consuming sucralose is that it can reduce the amount and diversity of gut bacteria in our microbiome, which plays a crucial role in our overall health.

✔️ Steviol‑glycosides ❌ Sucralose
Security No effect on insulin resistance Possible negative effect on insulin resistance
Origin Natural origin Synthetic origin
Sweetness Medium sweetness High sweetness
Microbiome Does not negatively affect the microbiome Possible negative effect on the microbiome

Guar gum for a creamy consistency

Guar bean seeds provide natural soluble fibre without any artificial additives. Studies have shown that it positively affects digestion, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Additionally, it creates a feeling of satiety, which can be especially helpful during weight loss.

A superfood suitable for everyone

Vilgain Grass‑Fed Whey Proteins are a convenient drink you can have any time of the day. It is suitable for everyone who wants to stay healthy and in great shape. It finds its use in all sports, not just bodybuilders.

Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass Protein repairs and increases muscle volume after physical stress damages muscle tissue.

Fat Burning
In a calorie deficit, higher protein intake is needed to prevent muscle loss. Protein is also very satiating.

Vital health Proteins are essential for building tissues and maintaining a healthy body.