Vilgain Gym pack ⁠–⁠ boost your performance before and after training and train with maximum efficiency

Vilgain Gym pack ⁠–⁠ boost your performance before and after training and train with maximum efficiency

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The ultimate package for every
fitness enthusiast 💪

Do you know what the secret recipe is for the most effective workout for muscle growth and recovery? Well, a good kicker, quality protein and a shrimp. To be fit and in shape? This is the way.

Pre‑workout 2.0 for the ultimate pump

Whey protein and creatine to support muscle growth and recovery

Evidence‑based kicker
with the best formula on the market

The new version of the Vilgain Pre‑Workout is a pre‑workout like you've never seen before. An improved formula with 10 active ingredients in optimal amounts and ratios that support each other in action will help you with strength, endurance, and mental drive to perform.

Supports performance during hard training

Reduces feelings of fatigue and exhaustion

Support sports performance
in all respects

All active ingredients have been carefully selected by our experienced team based on the results of sound scientific studies and practical experience. So what can you expect from our pre‑workout?

Prepares and energizes
the organism

Concentration support
on movement

Will increase the actual
sports performance

Promotes blood circulation
of working muscles.

Makes more efficient use of fats as an energy source

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High‑purity whey from the Netherlands

We use ultrafiltration at low temperatures to separate whey. The milk passes through membranes that trap only the larger protein molecules. The resulting protein is concentrated and pure, containing valuable fractions such as immune‑boosting α/ß-Lactoglobulin, infection‑protecting Immunoglobulin G and iron‑absorbing Lactoferrin.

1. Preparation and Ultrafiltration
Removal of larger molecules of fat, lactose and minerals

2. Concentration
In the filtered mixture, the concentration of proteins increases under pressure.

3. Moisture removal
Low temperature drying to produce powder

A superfood suitable for everyone

Vilgain Whey Protein can be taken at any time of the day. It will find its application not only in athletes, but in everyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle and wants to eat right. It is definitely not just for bodybuilders.

Contributes to muscle growth and recovery
In conjunction with physical activity

Promotes weight loss
Due to its high satiation

Strengthens the immune system Helps the body fight infections and diseases

Promotes strength, speed and overall physical performance

Creatine occurs naturally in our bodies, mainly in muscle cells in the form of creatine phosphate, which is involved in energy production. However, supplementing with creatine can boost your creatine‑phosphate stores by as much as 20‑40 % and boost performance in several ways.

Helps build muscle mass

Helps restore energy in muscles

Supports recovery after sports performance

All athletes will benefit from the effects

Footballers, runners, gymrats,... Creatine supplementation has been shown to increase the strength and speed needed in most sports, especially those focused on the use of the ATP/CP energy system.

Weight sports

Team sports

Martial arts

Sprints (running)

Strength and endurance sports

Speed and endurance sports

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