Vilgain Lactose Free Whey Protein

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Moc chutný!

It's good, it doesn't have such a drawn out taste and I like it

I stir it in a shaker and that gives it a creamy consistency. It's not too sweet, which suits me.

I have tried all 3 and it is excellent. Finally something for intolerants. Plant substitutes don't suit me and this is finally something I can. I just would have liked a lot more flavors. So it doesn't get so boring after a while.

Finally a lactose-free protein powder that even tastes great.

I'm not intolerant, but I wanted to try it out of curiosity. Well digestible, lighter than other proteins. I'm not a fan of overly sweet flavors, I prefer fruity ones... this flavor is perfect, especially if you add blueberries/other berries, banana and some ice = perfect with water too, BUT I always have to blend it in the blender even if I don't add anything. The solubility is really worse 🫣 it leaves big lumps in yogurts and porridges, which unfortunately can't be blended well. I recommend it, but for me only in shakes, the taste and solubility, when eaten with something else, is not the same

Really does not burden, as a lactose-fress I recommend with all ten

Worse solubility

delicious and very creamy, it doesn't have such a chemical taste which is very important for me and it's not so sweet so for me one of the best proteins I've had ❤️

Tastes good, but it is harder to dissolve.