Vilgain Micellar Casein Protein

33 Ratings

Finally a protein without the unpleasant taste tail that whey variants have. Excellent! All three variants.

I add it to my kase, I'm not totally sold on the taste, but compared to other brands it's great, especially the first protein that doesn't make my stomach hurt 🙏

A very good tasting protein. Less sweet for my taste, but chicory syrup always makes up for it.

Gently flavored casein. Not too scratchy in the throat, sweet just right.

Great consistency and vanilla taste, slightly sweetened with stevia. I gladly recommend it.

Great, I commend

Less soluble than whey protein, but that's a plus for me - it's better in porridges

Delicate vanilla taste without sweetness and chemical aftertaste. Spoko.

Too sweet for me