Mineral Wash Seamless Leggings

22 Ratings

Super nice fit

The leggings are comfortable, they don't press anywhere and fit the body beautifully. The waist is just right, they're not completely high waisted or low waisted, which I'm glad for because I don't like high waists. They make a very nice figure and they don't cut in between the legs, so a big +

I chose a color that was not flattering to my figure, but that is not the product's fault.

Hey, which one, please?

Nice material, I wear it to the city!

They look about 100 times better than in the photo!! I didn't really like them from the picture, but in person they're gorgeous, solid... they each have a slightly different look.

Top gorgeous cut, shape, fit, material ❤️

Beautiful color and the mineral wash gave them a touch of pizzazz! One of a kind.. A little unusual for me to have leggings with a not-quite-high waist, but the difference isn't as big as I feared.

I love them

I was expecting higher quality and durability. After a week of wearing, the stitching on the inside of the calf snapped. A big disappointment from my side, I had high expectations from Vilgain 😕

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