Modal Terry Leggings

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Mekoucke,krasne sedí,nesklouzavaji 👍

Vilgain I loved Terry's leggings right away. Really nice material and even nicer color!

Unfortunately, these are not leggings for sports but for home...

Terrible quality, I'm going to complain

Hello Michaela, we are sorry that the leggings do not suit you. You can make a complaint here: Have a nice day

They are very beautiful, nice on the body, but after the first wearing they tear off because of the material threads (pieces of the material), it looks bad. You'd have to stand in them all day to keep them from tearing.

I was very disappointed in them, they are lovely and comfortable but terribly easy to snag fabric. You have to be careful with them, like with silk stockings. After one day of wearing them at home, they look like I've worn them for a year straight...

Hi, Misha, thanks for the review. The leggings are made of a fine natural material that is light and very pleasant to the touch. It is the unique surface of the material that makes them different from, for example, the Seamless Ribbed Leggings. We wouldn't recommend them for a "big spring cleaning", but they can make you feel like a fashion star at home :). Have a nice day.

I guess I had a different idea about this so I'm going back. It definitely doesn't feel like leggings for working out so more like leggings for home and that seems like a shame again. The top of the leggings is so thick or how to spell it it's just not like a thin legging. It's so weird on the body. I don't know :D Otherwise the size fits exactly