Organic 1 Minute Wrap

1021 Ratings

excellent and tasty

One is just right for a snack👍

fantastic taste, so far the best wrap I've tried, excellent consistency, really satisfied

Buy often.......excellent

For me it's great, you can conjure up a quick good véchée with it, bake it with cheese, ham. The dough is soft, pliable, we liked it very much :-)

Literally a quickie

Best for a quick snack when there's nothing on hand ☺️ It can be filled with anything (cheese, meat, vegetables...)

I buy every month, excellent taste

Great for a quick lunch

very tasty and versatile, I usually use it as piadina with cheese and veggies, bake it for few minutes in the oven or on the pan. You can fill it with anything! and the texture is great, it's not falling apart or anything :)