Organic Fusilli pasta

311 Ratings

Nutritious, tastes very good. Finding quality legume pasta on the market without an unpleasant taste tail is sometimes difficult - in this case we applaud!

My favorite pasta! They fill me up better than the classic ones and taste much better :)

Taste fine, I just find it hard to cook them they are either hard or overcooked, nothing in between 🤣

The taste and shape after cooking are great.

Excellent pasta and is ready soon

Excellent pasta, which fills you up for a longer time compared to the classic pasta and at the same time you feel very good.

You cook them in 8 minutes and eat them in 2 minutes 😜

I was a little worried about the taste, so that it wouldn't taste too much like they were whole wheat, but they're good

Great pasta

Great pasta, I don't want any other :D