Organic Minute tortilla, Italian tortilla with a perfectly clean composition of only 6 ingredients

110 Ratings

It was tearing when folded. Taste-wise, the classic version is better.

It serves its purpose, better than a wrap

They break a lot. The taste is excellent. I hope we can catch them.

I recommend once in a while or every time you order to throw in the cart, they won't get lost at home! 😊😌

Excellent. I'll be done in a minute. Can be made so many ways and you have a super dinner/lunch/snack.

Excellent, super composition and do not last, what more could you ask for.

Composition always comes first. Tortillas can never be missing in our house and I finally found one with a great ingredient and at a nice price!

This saves me almost every day. You can make a tortilla anytime, fill it with whatever you want.

Excellent to work with, holds its shape well after wrapping

a great choice, maybe a little less weight would have been better, but it can be