Vilgain Organic Spelt Pizza Crust

32 Ratings

very good! since then i only buy this and everyone loves it.

The dough is excellent, I definitely recommend it

For me tastier than the classic version.

great tasting dough

Great and fast dinner. More filling than the classic dough from Aktinu.

delicious, tasty, crunchy (:

Ready-made spelt dough in BIO quality is a super base for the home preparation of a quick, tasty and great pizza with pure ingredients.

After trying it, I immediately threw another 3 balenia💪🏻 perfect, crispy and most importantly delicious pizza dough (not only) in my basket!

The dough is hard, like three days old bread, I don't really understand the reviews, the kids didn't want to eat it at all.. I ate it because I was hungry..

Super quickie