answered questions
Hello, I unfortunately had a big problem getting the doughs in one package apart when I last ordered. Don't you plan to put maybe a piece of baking paper between them? Thank you.
Hello, what is the shelf life of the pizza?
Hello, aren't you planning a gluten-free option as well?
Hello, when will the pizza be delivered? Thank you and have a nice day
Kdy bude prosím naskladneno?
Hi, do you have any plans for resealable packaging? Maybe even separately as an accessory... I don't have a way to stop it, no ziplock of the right size either 🤷‍♀️
Hello, aren't you planning a gluten-free version? Thank you. :)
Guys, don't go crazy, for 30 CZK you can make about 5 x 300g pizza dough, you just need 1kg of flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast. But it's not for the lazy :-)
Hello, I would like to ask if the composition of this pizza is suitable for small children? Thank you.
Hello, can the dough be frozen in the foil? Thank you