3715 Ratings

I buy regularly, I recommend it to everyone. It's a great alternative to homemade pizza but also takeaway.

Very good 👍🏻

This really surprised me a lot, it looks not much but the taste is extreme and not to mention the great ingredients!!!

Tastes like pizza from a pizza place. Quick preparation. I will definitely be ordering more.

The best we have had, I buy repeatedly. The children like it very much.

dough good, but the edges burn very quickly at that temperature, you need to watch it. otherwise good

Bravely tasted the whole family I will definitely buy again

Excellent 👏🏻

The dough looks like a tortilla, so I figured it probably wouldn't be much, but anyway, after baking the first pizza, I figured it's a must-have to have at home all the time. And if you're in the mood for pizza you can make a lighter version and everything is so unbelievably good I'm speechless.

The best pizza! We add ketchup + garlic, cheese, chicken, onion, egg, gorgonzola, oregano and basil and it's an absolute topper. We won't order pizza anymore :D