Vilgain Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix Low Sugar

14 Ratings

Perfection itself. My husband and I have made a Sunday pancake tradition for breakfast and we tackle it with peace of mind 😊.

Easy to prepare, the creamy flavour is great 👌

Excellent! The best mixture for waffles. I don't make any others... 👍🏻

I think it's great but I don't agree with the ratio of water to waffles and pancakes. I think it should be the opposite - more water for the pancakes

I praise it very much, it mixes nicely, there is no need for a mixer, except that I added more water to the pancakes, but it probably depends on the preference and method of preparation, on an electric pancake maker even thinner batter was a breeze. The taste is very good, not disturbing, with the fruit great, of course there is protein you can tell, but nothing that would hammer. A quick solution not only for busy mornings. 🙂