48 Ratings

Great taste and saves a lot of time.

Quality product. We packed the cooked meat for our trip to Norway and it was divine. We had it with bulgur and vegetables :-)

Delicious meat that beats all canned and "ready to eat" meats! Great for preparing in all ways, even cold straight from the jar. :D Pure beef flavor. I found it a tad saltier than its turkey brother, but that certainly didn't hurt. TOP product.

a great thing when you can't cook. Super quality and tasty meat that you can just throw in the pan or wrap in a tortilla and you have a perfect and quick meal

Croutons a little better, but also great meat, we included in a regular purchase. The advantage is that you can keep it in the fridge/pantry for half a year or more and if you don't feel like cooking something lengthy, this is the obvious choice.

Excellent. Next time I buy 100% again.

Super helper when you don't have time to cook, but I would cut down on the salt :)

At first I was very worried, after all it doesn't look very appealing at first sight. But in the end I was very surprised, because the taste is really great! Fry it in a pan, put it on a piece of bread, or add it to some side dishes and vegetables and you have a great dinner, snack or lunch! A great quick fix!

Good, but turkey is better :)

I recommend always having some in stock. :D Great for a quick lunch when there's no time to cook.