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Excellent meat .Ideal when I'm not in a hurry

very tasty :) I recommend it, but I don't know what happened with the last piece I ordered. There was hardly any meat, just "jelly" and there wasn't even the stiff part that there was before and unfortunately that spoiled the taste completely :( shame

Hello, we are happy to check the batch, just contact us at podpora@aktin.sk. You have a message from me in your inbox. Have a nice day

A good quickie when you don't have time to prepare the meat. Ready to go:)

It doesn't seem tasty by looking at it, but the smell and taste once you open it is fantastic!

The taste?! GAINZ! In the tortilla, huh?

Luxury, incredible taste. It could be at least a kilo :) maybe it wouldn't disappear so quickly

Total porn in my mouth.

Incredible flavor and texture - soft, delicious ready to eat meat (with juice!) that can be used in many ways :)

Super quickie, but the first pack was so great, the second one not started yet comes full of clichés :(

Hi Ivet, we're sorry, if you have this experience, please contact us at podpora@Aktin.cz we'll look into it :-)

Another absolute stalwart of the "I'm not keeping up" category. A lifesaver if I need a quick lunch either at home or on the go. The biggest benefit is of course the clear origin and purity of the ingredients.