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A great rubber band that I can't get enough of.

The best rubber band! Keeps the ponytail in place even when running.

I finally found a rubber band that holds its shape even after multiple uses! It doesn't stretch, the hair sticks. I personally don't like the zipper on it, I haven't found a use for it yet and it's a bit of a problem if I need to tighten the elastic. Plus I'm afraid to wear it during contact sports, so that someone doesn't get hurt by the zipper. Are you planning a version without a pocket?

Hi Dominika, thank you for your feedback and idea! We will definitely think about it! You could use the pocket by the rubber band for a house/locker key or to store lip balm! We hope you find more uses for it 😊. Have a nice day.

A great helper when you're running around, you stash your keys in it and go.

Very nice and gentle on the hair :)

The elastic in the hair holds beautifully, a big plus for the small key pocket 👌

Beautiful, delicate, practical.

Great helper, finally someone has invented such a thing.

Best for the gym. The pouch is a great idea.

does not pull hair, holds well