Running Scrunchie

41 Ratings

This rubber band is the ultimate lifesaver! I run regularly, so I'm happy to welcome new gadgets like a key pocket in a rubber band! A great and original idea that is really functional. Gorgeous colours that will accentuate any outfit perfectly.

Great and original thingy

Solid, doesn't fall off, totally great for exercise! Even when running, it holds. I recommend it ✔️

The best scrunchie in the world! It doesn't slip at all, it's very comfortable.

A hair elastic that has a hidden pocket in it???! That's an absolutely perfect idea! Perfect for sports!

Absolutely perfect gadget with the pouch :) I was very pleased with this rubber band.

It's great in the hair and the idea of a hidden pocket seems genius to me! 🤭🙏🏻

The rubber band has a pocket in it. Brilliant invention for change or keys!