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Vilgain English Breakfast Tea
Vilgain English Breakfast Tea ⁠–⁠ full-bodied strong taste, rich in caffeine and antioxidants
50 g
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(5,98 € / 100 g)

Quality black teas

Black tea, like green tea, is made from the leaves of the Chinese tea tree, but these are first fermented and then dried. Thanks to this process, black tea has a stronger flavour but contains fewer health benefits than green tea, such as EGCG. stimulant that can promote attention, act as an antioxidant and can support heart and digestive health, and help with blood sugar or cholesterol control.

Black tea is easy to prepare, just pour hot water over loose or portioned tea and let it infuse according to your preference. Its strength corresponds to the length of maceration. The most popular types are:

  • Earl Grey is probably the best known representative of black teas. Traditionally, it is a blend of black tea with bergamot essential oil;
  • English Breakfast Tea is a blend of Assam, Ceylon or Kenyan teas that is particularly popular as a breakfast tea;
  • Darjeeling is one of India's finest teas, characterised by its unique harvesting method. Here you will find tea with the highest quality certification FTGFOP1;
  • Ceylon Tea refers to black teas grown in Sri Lanka. Unlike Chinese and Indian teas, it is considered a more delicate yet flavourful tea.

In addition to black teas, you can also buy from us green teas, matcha or herbal teas and blends. You can also choose from several selections of coffee.

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