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Vilgain Sleep Tea
Vilgain Sleep Tea ⁠–⁠ 6 effective herbs for better sleep and stress reduction
65 g
3,99 €
(6,14 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Fennel Herbal Tea
Vilgain Fennel Herbal Tea ⁠–⁠ refreshing aromatic tea for better digestion and immunity support
140 g
3,79 €
(2,71 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Relax Tea
Vilgain Relax Tea ⁠–⁠ natural blend of 6 herbs, relaxes the body and mind, supports digestion and mental well-being
60 g
3,99 €
(6,65 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Organic Rooibos Tea
Vilgain Organic Rooibos Tea ⁠–⁠ sweet fruity aroma, decaffeinated, calming and digestive support
60 g
3,99 €
(6,65 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Organic Yerba Maté
Vilgain Organic Yerba Maté ⁠–⁠ stimulating effects, gently processed, rich in caffeine, vitamins and minerals
60 g
3,19 €
(5,32 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Organic Chamomile Tea
Vilgain Organic Chamomile Tea ⁠–⁠ rich aroma, soothing effects and digestive support
40 g
3,49 €
(8,73 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Mint Herbal Tea
Vilgain Mint Herbal Tea ⁠–⁠ refreshing taste and aroma, whole peppermint leaves from Egypt, soothing effects
30 g
1,99 €
(6,63 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Hibiscus Herbal Tea
Vilgain Hibiscus Herbal Tea ⁠–⁠ sweet fruit drink with a slightly acidic colour, rich in antioxidants
80 g
2,79 €
(3,49 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Flow Tea
Vilgain Flow Tea ⁠–⁠ stimulating morning tea, a blend of 5 effective herbs, improves mood, counteracts stress, improves concentration
65 g
4,49 €
(6,91 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Cold Relief Tea
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Vilgain Cold Relief Tea ⁠–⁠ loose tea with a mixture of 6 active herbs, supports the immune system, protects the body from pathogens
60 g
3,49 €
4,49 €
(5,82 € / 100 g)
Vilgain Digestion Tea
-34 % until 14. 7.
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Vilgain Digestion Tea ⁠–⁠ loose tea to aid digestion, composition of 7 effective herbs, provides relief from stomach problems
65 g
2,49 €
3,79 €
(3,83 € / 100 g)

Quality herbal teas

Herbal teas are inaccurately referred to as herbal infusions, which are created by macerating the fruits, flowers, leaves or rhizomes of certain plants. Herbs have become popular in folk medicine for their effects and are now a natural alternative for treating various ailments. However, due to the difficult‑to‑determine content of the active substances, herbal teas are not recommended for long‑term use and care should be taken when consuming them for possible drug interactions.

Single‑species herbal teas are sought after not only for their effects but also for their unique and unmistakable taste. Among the most popular are nettle, chamomile, fennel, lemon balm, rosehip, peppermint and hibiscus teas.

Herbal blends

Herbal blends are popular due to the possibility of combining suitable active ingredients that also work synergistically. You can choose from our blends such as:

  • sleep tea is a blend of 6 effective herbs that promote relaxation and quality sleep. It should be taken 30‑60 minutes before sleep;
  • a calming tea especially after a busy day. The mix of herbs helps to relax the mind and body. It can also be used as a sleeping tea;
  • a tea to cheer you up is a suitable alternative to coffee that not only stimulates the mind but also combats stress;
  • tea for digestion can help with bloating, heartburn or other digestive problems;
  • tea for colds will support your immune defences at the first sign of a cold. The herbal blend helps soothe sore throats and also clears the airways.

Herbal teas and blends serve not only to combat certain ailments, but also to warm the body and induce a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, quality teas are a great and practical gift. In addition to herbal teas, you can also buy from us black teas, green teas or matcha.

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