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Perfect autumn breakfast ❤️ Maple syrup with pecans is a great combination, but beware it's extremely addictive so it takes a strong will :D

I never liked granola, muesli and stuff like that, but this !!! Divine... taste, smell, texture... in a few days it was gone :)

The best granola in the world. Giant chunks, lots of pecans and seeds, just perfect for yogurt. Just a shame it doesn't come in a bigger package 🤤

Best granola I've ever had. Seriously, I'm not kidding! It's really expensive, but I'm telling you, it's worth every single penny. And the ingredients? No comment. Love it!

I bought once and became addicted! I've ordered about 10 times now and I'm praying that Vilgain doesn't discontinue it. You have never eaten a better granola.

Best gluten free granola I've ever eaten.

I swear this is the best granola you can get anywhere. And I've already tried a few! Hopefully even better than my homemade one and it makes my ego cry a little 😄

The best granola I've had the opportunity to taste! Pecans are my favorite nut and combined with maple syrup it's really perfect. 🤤

Best granola I've ever had! ❤️

Great for breakfast and a snack with alpro coconut yogurt :) the big chunks are great, it's no glue on your teeth and tastes great :)