Multi-component proteins

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What are multi‑component proteins?

Multi‑component proteins, also known as protein blends, are protein diet ary supplements that are a combination of at least two protein preparations. A common combination is a mixture of whey and casein proteins, but also egg proteins, for example. However, combinations of different proteins from the same source (e.g. concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate) are no exception.

Multicomponent proteins can also include most vegan proteinswhere mixing the different sources results in a comprehensive spectrum of amino acids.

Benefits of multi‑ingredient proteins

Multi‑component proteins combine proteins with different digestion and absorption rates. In addition, the individual proteins also differ in their amino acid spectrum, allowing for a more complete intake of all amino acids.

The most popular blends are mixtures of casein and whey protein (or you may find milk protein, which is naturally "mixed" in an 80:20 ratio):

  • Casein protein is characterized by a long digestion time ensuring a slower release of essential amino acids that are needed for muscle building, and may reduce the rate of muscle protein catabolism when left undigested for longer periods of time.
  • For whey protein is characterised by a higher content of BCAA amino acids, especially leucine, which is an anabolic trigger, very good digestibility and fast absorption, which is an advantage especially after training.

By mixing these two proteins we can thus benefit from the advantages of both proteins.

Multi‑component proteins usually contain 70‑80% protein, the carbohydrate and fat content varies depending on the protein sources used. It is therefore always advisable to check the label carefully for sources and nutrient content.

When to use multi‑ingredient protein?

Multi‑ingredient proteins are an ideal way to provide the body with protein over a longer period of time (3‑4 hours), which can be particularly helpful for people who struggle with regular eating. They are also suitable for athletes who indulge in training late in the evening and only manage to take in one serving of protein before bed. If you want to fuel your body overnight for even longer, try overnight proteins alone.