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Nutella in a jar with much better values 👌

Butter that is really worth it! Value for money? PERFECT! Nutella consistency with chunks of peanuts, who could resist!

Quite a thick consistency that sticks to the palate and won't come off. Maybe I prefer it well, because then I'm not tempted to eat it on a spoon 🤣 not too sweet, great in porridges or baking

The best butter! 🤤

Ok, la mia PREFERITA IN ASSOLUTO. Dire che è eccezionale è dir poco penso sia la crema alle nocciole piu buona che abbia mai mangiato! Stra consiglio soprattutto con i Pancakes 😍

This butter was very good, chunks of walnuts combined with crunchy coco sugar, I recommend it!🙊

The tiramisu flavor didn't quite appeal to me. It's definitely not something you can't eat it. But I was expecting something a bit different, it's really very coffee-like and bitter... well I tried it, but it's not something I would have to have at home. The banana/strawberry is a very nice change in flavors. It's not over sweetened somehow, it's just sweet enough. I would buy this again in a heartbeat:-)

I love it <3

Love it, best butter for porridge🤩✨

Could be less sweet, otherwise it's good :)