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Probably the best wrap I've ever had.

Wrap fluffy as a puff. ☁️ If you like thinner dough, I recommend the Vilgain Minute tortilla. I like this firmer dough. 👌

A perfection that even my kids loved!

Much better than tortilla. It's thicker, it does tear a bit so it's not easy to wrap, but it's never missing from my shopping cart when ordering from Aktin.

Super tasty! They just got stuck in the package somehow, so I had to tear them a bit. 😀 But the taste makes up for everything!

Taste is very good, it just falls apart sometimes.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I've responded to your email. Have a nice day

Okay, but it's tearing

Hi, I've reached out to your email for more information. Have a nice day

After a bad one batch (see comments below and bad reviews) these are again the TOP tortillas/ wraps/ pancakes/whatever you call it ;) Calorically fine, flavor-wise a blast! I love them and buy them regularly. (And don't worry, the quality is back - now they are not round but shisoids, but they don't stick or tear anymore).

for a quick lunch and dinner - very tasty and healthy <3

Very good, easy to prepare.