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I GOT IT! The composition?! That's just wonderful. I'm thrilled and the taste is fantastic! It's definitely not like a regular tortilla. The dough is thicker yet softer and saltier. Which I love and I absolutely love it.


It has more thickness than the classic wraps, but still fine for baking in a contact grill. Tastes good, nicely filling.

Veelmi chutny wrap! Naprosto mnam! Vyborne slozeni, nesmrdi a nema pachute jak ty, co kupis v supermarkete.. Skvely na rychly, ale plnohodnotny obed/veceru!

This wrap is great for quick lunches.

They break a lot when packing. But otherwise they're good.

It crumbles a bit, but after the first record you get used to it. Otherwise I can only praise.

Taste excellent, fluffy, soft unfortunately so far always cracked when filling, but it does not matter.

I love savoury breakfasts🥰 so I can't miss the tortilla stuffed with luchina, baby spinach, cheese, ham onions and ketchup😋😋🤗🤤


Great stuff. I was comparing the ingredients with the ones from Lidl - ingredients that would drive one crazy, a nonsense list of unnecessary things, preservatives, all the additives, but this?? A couple of items like olivac and flour and how it makes delicious tortillas!! The only thing I see as a minus is that they tear right away, so you can't make a wrap out of them, more like a quesadilla, but I believe Aktin will figure it out somehow❤️