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A very high bar. Pleasantly cocoa-like, not too sweet, lots of lyofio banana, pecans and hazelnuts!

The muesli tastes good. I am especially pleased with its great ingredients.

I mean....this has exceeded all my expectations. Thank God for raisin-free muesli. And the bananas, nuts, and overall flavor is fabulous. I'd sprinkle it on everything. I was "worried" that there wouldn't be enough bananas and nuts, as is usually the case, but not here, there's plenty of everything. Really great! :) After tasting the muesli with strawberries, I don't know what's better. Both kinds are the absolute top!

Fluffy muesli, chunks of loy banana, lots of nuts, perfect ingredients, nothing extra. With yoghurt, a divine breakfast.

As a lover of cinnamon, I really enjoy this combo! The lyo bananas crunch beautifully and again the composition is top-notch with an asterisk. Well done! Value for money? Performance leads! :D

It has a great composition, there are big chunks of nuts and banana. I used to put it in yoghurt and it's not for me but with milk it's delicious. I find the berries/almond better than the banana and cinnamon

This muesli is really great and tasty...but I hate the banana in it (I hate it) My colleague gets the bananas in the morning and I enjoy the rest :D


Top! This muesli was really good! Big chunks of crunchy nuts, subtle cinnamon flavour, lyo crunchy bananas...I'm not much of a muesli person, so I didn't have high hopes for it, but Vilgain really surprised me and now I can never miss this muesli-house again!

The taste is absolutely perfect, there is a lovely cinnamon and cocoa flavour, whole chunks of nuts for all that big yes. For me minus the lyo bananas are tasteless, in the mouth and yoghurt they just get soggy :D , I would change them for dark chocolate then this muesli would be perfection

I agree about the bananas :)) otherwise it's delicious