75 Ratings

I didn't know it could be so good, I don't really like dried fruit, but it totally complemented the taste🫶🏼 The pieces of nuts are a big advantage for me!♥️

Yummy, no frills, great choice of flavor combinations :)

Výborná chuť!

A very high bar. Pleasantly cocoa-like, not too sweet, lots of lyofio banana, pecans and hazelnuts!

The muesli tastes good. I am especially pleased with its great ingredients.

I mean....this has exceeded all my expectations. Thank God for raisin-free muesli. And the bananas, nuts, and overall flavor is fabulous. I'd sprinkle it on everything. I was "worried" that there wouldn't be enough bananas and nuts, as is usually the case, but not here, there's plenty of everything. Really great! :) After tasting the muesli with strawberries, I don't know what's better. Both kinds are the absolute top!

Fluffy muesli, chunks of loy banana, lots of nuts, perfect ingredients, nothing extra. With yoghurt, a divine breakfast.

As a lover of cinnamon, I really enjoy this combo! The lyo bananas crunch beautifully and again the composition is top-notch with an asterisk. Well done! Value for money? Performance leads! :D

It has a great composition, there are big chunks of nuts and banana. I used to put it in yoghurt and it's not for me but with milk it's delicious. I find the berries/almond better than the banana and cinnamon

This muesli is really great and tasty...but I hate the banana in it (I hate it) My colleague gets the bananas in the morning and I enjoy the rest :D