Vilgain Energy & Focus Tabs ⁠–⁠ Orange ⁠–⁠ flavoured energy tablets, support concentration and performance, sweetened with stevia

Vilgain Energy & Focus Tabs ⁠–⁠ Orange ⁠–⁠ flavoured energy tablets, support concentration and performance, sweetened with stevia

Sucking candies,
to boost your energy 🔋

Bounce back to better performance with orange‑flavored energy pills. Put away the classic energy drinks and try natural candies full of active ingredients like natural caffeine, L‑Theanine or L‑Tyrosine.

When studying for promoting concentration

Before the intensive sports performance

Before the exam or credit

For trips and hiking

At work for support cognitive functions

When playing
computer games

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Branded caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most powerful stimulants that increases concentration, attention and endurance. It promotes thermogenesis and fat burning, serving as an energy source instead of muscle glycogen [1]. In addition, NATCAFF® is a natural, proprietary source of caffeine that is gently extracted from coffee beans.

100% natural
Green Tea Extract

For maximum effectiveness and absorption, we've added highly concentrated 40% L‑Theanine, the effects of which you feel as soon as 30 minutes after taking. It minimizes the caffeine rush and crash, with which it works for up to 6 hours [2].

Better absorption compared to the chemically produced alternative

Synergistic effectiveness in combination with caffeine

Can reduce stress, increase alertness and concentration

Dopamine as the key to maximum concentration

L‑Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that plays a key role in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter and happiness hormone dopamine, among other things. This can positively influence our mood, attention or motivation to perform, which is especially useful in stressful situations [3].

Sweetened naturally only with
from stevia leaves

Instead of artificial sweeteners, we went the green route and used natural sweetener steviol glycosides. These contain no calories, are 200‑300 times sweeter than sugar and do not affect blood sugar levels in any way.

Compare our nootropics

Maximise your brain's potential by using Prodigy Tabs together with our Brain Booster. Their natural active ingredients complement each other perfectly, ensuring maximum and long‑lasting support for your cognitive functions. If you need an energy boost rather than enhanced reaction speed, try our Energy Tabs.

Vilgain Prodigy Tabs Vilgain Energy & Focus Tabs Vilgain Brain Booster
Active ingredients
Active ingredients
Active ingredients
Citikolin Cognizin®, Brainberry®, NATCAFF®, green tea extract with 40 % L‑theanine L‑tyrosine, NATCAFF®, green tea leaf extract (40% L‑theanine) Gotu Kola, bacopa, Korean ginseng, ginkgo biloba
Main benefits
Main benefits
Main benefits
Faster and more accurate reactions, maximum concentration Promote focus and energy during exercise Improving memory and other cognitive functions, possibly promoting serotonin production
Sucking tablets with forest fruit flavour Orange‑flavoured sucking tablets Capsules
Caffeine content
Caffeine content
Caffeine content
Yes ✅ 80 mg/tablet Yes ✅ 25 mg/tablet No ⛔
Immediate and long‑term Mostly immediate Mostly long‑term
1‑2 tablets daily, 15‑30 minutes before heightened need for concentration 1‑4 tablets daily, 30 min before heightened need for concentration 2 capsules daily, 60 minutes before heightened need for concentration
Price 1 capsule/tablet
Price 1 capsule/tablet
Price 1 capsule/tablet
0,67 € / 1 tablet 0,07 € / 1 tablet 0,18 € / 1 capsule
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Filler (microcrystalline cellulose), L‑tyrosine, green tea leaf extract (40% L‑theanine), acidity regulator(citric acid), natural flavour, NATCAFF® natural caffeine from coffee beans, sweetener(steviol glycosides), anti‑caking agent (magnesium stearate).

Calorie tables

1 tablet
4 tablets
125 mg500 mg
Green tea leaf extract (40% L‑theanine)
50 mg200 mg
- of which L‑theanine
20 mg80 mg
Natural caffeine
25 mg100 mg
Packaging: 60 tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet
Doses in the package: 60 

Suggested use

  • Allow 1 tablet to dissolve freely in the mouth.
  • Do not exceed 4 tablets per day.