Heavy Brushed Hoodie

63 Ratings

One of the most comfortable sweatshirts I have. I like a bit of oversized clothing, so the fit is absolutely perfect for me in this one. I don't like drawstrings on hoodies, so I appreciate that they're not here right away. It looks so much better.

The most comfortable sweatshirt! Color, cut, material and quality are top notch! It is really beautiful and made of the best quality materials! I fell in love with the sweatshirt at first sight.

I LOVE IT! Warm, fluffy, extremely nice material. I didn't wear anything else at home all winter and even after a lot of washing there is not a crease anywhere. There is a smaller pocket in the pocket, so even your phone and small things are safe in it and don't fall out with every movement. Size is smaller, even XS/S is just a nice loose sweatshirt.

best sweatshirt

Very nice material! For me really ideal comfy hoodie and interestingly in the big kangaroo pocket there is also one smaller pocket so you don't drop your keys etc. (I have a weakness for these clever details) 🧸

I had to get two of these sweatshirts... one for out and one for home 😅❤️

This is exactly the type of oversized sweatshirt I've been looking for for a long time. Nice and fits perfectly! <3

10/10 sweatshirt, nice material, comfortable and properly oversized

That sweatshirt is totally awesome. For 1,000 crowns, it's absolutely amazing material. Soft, cozy, beautiful color. The hood is big and holds its shape. The whole sweatshirt has a very nice shape. Oh, I love it. I'm M/L and I normally wear M/L menswear. So I'd say for normal-sized ladies, I'd say S/M. I think it's absolutely brilliant.

Absolutely awesome sweatshirt that immediately became one of my favorites. It's soft, really comfortable and most importantly has a great hood that covers everything with its size :)