Organic Coconut oil

199 Ratings

Great taste, super mega pack.

Coconut oil is a great helper in the kitchen, but don't be fooled, you really can't use it for everything :D

An oil that will definitely not get lost in your home. I use it for everything. For example, for baking to make the dough beautifully soft, for frying pancakes, but also sometimes in the bath to hydrate my skin. It must not be missed by me and it will last a really long time!

Another raw material that has stables at home. One glass will last me bambillion years because I don't use it so often, but it's definitely good to have it at home! I most often use it for homemade chocolate :) and this actinar is really fragrant and I don't buy another one.

I use coconut oil mainly for baking, but also for frying sweet pancakes. Must have in every kitchen.

Coconut oil has an awful lot of uses. Whether in baking, hair or teeth whitening. I always have to have a supply at home! TIP: try coffee peeling with coconut oil!

It met expectations, there is nothing to complain about.

I use it more for skin care than in the kitchen. I'm pretty happy with him.

Absolutely satisfied! We do everything for him at home.

Super packaging, the glass can be used then for something else, because the label is great to peel off, unlike paper.