Organic Coconut oil

252 Ratings

Super pomocník v kuchyni.

I love coconut oil, I add it to porridge, cakes, desserts and I don't fry pancakes and crepes on anything else for a long time 😍.

Super produkt.

I love coconut oil, it has huge uses and this one is huge! It lasts a really long time.

I've tried a lot of coconut oils from different brands, but this one won out and I'll be loyal to it. Great for baking, hair mask, smells amazing, quality ingredients only coconut, what more do you want ... It's great as a lubricant too 😊

I have nothing to complain about :)

Great for baking, for example. Desserts are imbued with a pleasant coconut aroma. And we also like to bake our own granola with it 😉

I love the ooo giant package! Tastes great and as an occasional substitute for other fats it's a hit :-)

I don't consume it regularly in large quantities because of the saturated fatty acids and I use it when cooking up to 178°C max. But I use it daily as a mask for the ends of my hair and to degrease my make up.

Great taste, super mega pack.