Seamless Ribbed Racer Back Bra

38 Ratings

Super pohodlné

It fits perfectly, plus the material is very comfortable.

Great stuff! The breasts stay where they should, they don't fly anywhere during sports, but they are foamy. Also perfect for running or a more relaxed yoga session. Great, definitely won't last.

The most comfortable bra, I've never had a better one!

Very comfortable, nice on the body, holds even larger breasts, but I would appreciate a little shorter or adjustable straps.

Familiar material, cut fits perfectly. Love it ❤

This is a real treasure for the gym and for normal wear🫶🏼 It fits me perfectly and doesn't pinch anywhere, holds my breasts tightly and is very comfortable, like I'm not even wearing one!🫶🏼

Comfortable, pleasant. For me, I recommend getting a smaller size. Unfortunately, after wearing it for a while, the material loosens and stretches easily.

Absolutely perfect cut and color. I recommend buying a size up - the bra is quite tight.

Amazing quality! I recommend it! 🤍