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Again, no miracle, but as a supplementary helper great!

I think it works.I use it repeatedly.

actually there is something going on!

Out of 90 tablets, there were only 50

Hi, if there is something wrong with the product, please contact us directly at podpora@Aktin.cz and we will be happy to resolve it with you. I have responded to the email. Have a nice day

It works - I feel an increase in sweating when I exercise, sometimes I wonder how much more I can sweat. My personal problem is just that I sometimes get a pain near my heart when I take 2 pills. But this is just due to the fact that synephrine can affect the heart in large doses, for me 2 pills is already a lot, some may not mind. Anyway, it doesn't affect function otherwise and I recommend it!

I don't have long-term experience yet (whether it really helps with fat burning), but I can confirm increased sweating. I was scared when I took it on a non-workout day on an empty stomach :D

Amazing thing - TOP product, definitely recommend:-)

Positive reviews - I have tried the product several times before exercising and I think it has some effect. I don't feel any more energized that I should be exercising. But I do feel like I'm sweating more and there is probably more burning.

They buy regularly

Evaluation - Synephrine is working well so far after diet adjustment and increased physical activity I lost 4 kg after 14 days so for me it's great

Abdominal pain, muscle pain, nausea - I always felt sick when ingesting synephrine, terrible abdominal cramps, general nausea and fatigue, muscle pain. I blamed the first two days of taking synephrine for not taking it, but after two days, I tried taking it off and the trouble disappeared. A week later I decided to try it again and again the same problems came up, so after about 6 pills it flies in the trash.