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I didn't like the flavor at all. It's a long way from carrot cake. Although the consistency of the bar is very good.

I was really looking forward to the cinnamon flavour, but it didn't suit me at all. Weird sort of powdery aftertaste, otherwise the nutritional values were pretty okay, but the taste was disappointing.

It didn't offend, but it didn't excite either. :) They have a strange consistency and taste.

The ratio of ingredients and nutritional value is great but you have to reckon that the bar is not completely smooth, it is rather stiffer but such vegan products are.

It tastes of cinnamon and coffee and is not too sweet.

super, luxurious

The cinnamon latte flavor was quite disappointing.

tasty and excellent filling

the best protein bar I've ever had super composition and flavor is delicious and divine

This bar has a little bit of protein in it, but otherwise they are very good.👍🏻🙂