Vilgain Yellowfin tuna fillets in brine

110 Ratings

Nice whole fillets, I use in POKE...

super rescue when one is overfed from canned food

Excellent tuna!

Good quality, large pieces of tuna.

Great taste, big chunks.

Taste great tuna and packaging, which unlike the canned, does not need to be spent in one time and can be sealed.

Beautiful pieces, tasty

Perfect, high quality and tasty meat.

Perfect pieces of tuna, ideal for a salad. Definitely recommended. Taste great too.

But this is absolutely luxurious tuna... no matter what anyone says, for a hundred crowns...? I don't know where you're getting it from, but it's number one ­čĹŹÔŁĄ´ŞĆ and if it's sustainably fished to's a big deal. Thanks ­čÖĆ­čśő