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Somehow I don't notice a change directly from this product, but overall I feel an improvement in the described effects, I eat simultaneously but also a multivitamin

Perfect for hair! And for a few pennies...

Zinc is often very underrated, yet it has a huge impact on the quality of nails, hair, skin and much more. Its deficiency can be a problem in many ways.

Zinc from Aktin. Pure composition and in the highest absorbability. With proper dosage is a must!

Super 👍🏼


It made me sick at first. I had to start taking it in the morning and right after meals or I'd get nauseous. But you could see the improvement in my skin pretty quickly.

It's the best, especially right before going to sleep.

Price ratio kick top! Magnesium and Zinc = bff at night❤️ (they are given at night because food (fiber, dairy products - calcium,..) reduce their absorption!)

Zinc - for me an essential dietary supplement. Together with vitamin C, it supports immunity, the quality of hair, nails and skin.