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Price ratio kick top! Magnesium and Zinc = bff at night❤️ (they are given at night because food (fiber, dairy products - calcium,..) reduce their absorption!)

Zinc is often very underrated, yet it has a huge impact on the quality of nails, hair, skin and much more. I personally take vitamins in the morning and minerals in the evening. So zinc for me along with magnesium.

Zinc is clearly exactly the kind of dietary supplement that is worth supplementing. As I mentioned, I take it together with magnesium at bedtime, so they help me sleep better, plus zinc itself has many benefits and reasons to take it - including improved skin.

It's working great. It is good for sleeping, regenerating and has an effect on overall energy.

He lived up to expectations

Terribly great thing to promote the effect of magnesium in the body ♥

I have problematic skin and its effects can be seen within a few days, both on the skin and on the whole body😊

I am very satisfied with the zinc. I take it every day before bed and my skin is better.

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for women. It is an essential trace element important for the proper functioning of the immune system and also important for the proper development and function of the sex organs. It is amazing in combination with omega and magnesium for pms.

Quality zinc! - Zinc in the best form ever, Aktin quality did not disappoint again!:)