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I'm only taking it for a while now, hopefully the results will come

I take zinc every night before bed and magnesium every morning also from vilgain... the migraine has disappeared since taking it, so satisfaction 😁

With magnesium the BASE of an athlete!

My skin and hair have improved a lot

Satisfaction, helps on everything it promises! I have been taking zinc regularly for a long time:)

I find it makes my hair and nails look better and better

Somehow I don't notice a change directly from this product, but overall I feel an improvement in the described effects, I eat simultaneously but also a multivitamin

Perfect for hair! And for a few pennies...

Zinc is often very underrated, yet it has a huge impact on the quality of nails, hair, skin and much more. Its deficiency can be a problem in many ways and I count it among one of the most meaningful "supplements".

Zinc from Aktin. Pure composition and in the highest absorbability. With proper dosage is a must!