We are a five-member team on finances, we are in charge of the accounting of both companies, Selltime sro, and R3ptile sro, which includes our production. We are a support team for other colleagues, we communicate daily throughout the company, we deal with the receipt of goods, production, cash flow, and also payroll accounting. Ivča has the wages of all of us under his thumb, and that he doesn't have much every month, when there are already three hundred of us together. An integral part of our work is also financial controlling and processing of budgets, analyzes and documents for further strategic decision-making of the company. This year we are still working on the implementation of the new ERP “K2” and with the advent of expansion into other European markets, we are also learning about the new legislation. What unites us all is definitely a sense of order and diligence, because to someone other than us, everything should fit to the last penny.

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