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Effect great, but the taste is not much

Taste horrible😩, but the effects super.👌🏻

Tasty, dissolves well.

A product with an interesting composition, in my test it has proven to help the quality of sleep, specifically the deep sleep phase was prolonged. Read more here: https://www.fitnesator.cz/Vilgain-chillax/

The taste didn't impress me that much, but the effects are the bomb

It smells really nice and surprisingly the taste is not bad... It just has this weird bittersweet tail 🥺

I think I can see the difference from a longer term use point of view, the product has a minor minus and that is the taste but it takes time and one gets used to it. For me it works🫶🏻 ❗️The dosage is not 1 scoop but just a portion (5g).

On hectic and mentally challenging school days, chillax saves my sleep. In the evening it calms me down and I fall asleep much better <3

The taste is not much, however, it helps for sure. My friend has trouble sleeping and he said himself that he falls asleep much better!

Compared to the old version (spoko) it has a much milder taste (not so much herbal) which I take as a big plus. For days when you have more stress or know you need a good night's sleep this product is great and I highly recommend it. It really works, I tried it myself during a stressful time and the changes happened immediately.