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I'm sleeping better than ever with it on! Plus, very good flavor for me.

Unbelievable, it really works! I can't tell you how glad I am to have found it. I don't mind the flavor, it tastes like black tea with a meadow flavor. I always sleep like a log after it, no waking and fall asleep quickly. I recommend it to anyone who has some mild sleep problems.

don't be scared of the colour and then it's best on ice:)

At first I could hardly drink it, but after a while I got used to it and I think it works.

Smell and taste not much. :/

Positive effects on sleep verified. A little sandy consistency, but I personally do not mind.

Good idea, but the taste is really bad😔 would like to work on it.

Hi, thanks for the response. Try our new Chillax with improved recipe and taste: https://Aktin.cz/Vilgain-chillax/lesni-ovoce-10-g-35705. Have a nice day

This product had exactly targeted effects on me at least, better sleep and calmness. But taste-wise it still needs some fine tuning for sure.

combined with melatonin, it puts me completely to sleep within 30 minutes :D

Great taste (bitter herbal with a sweet tail), but most importantly: I really sleep like a hoopoe. And I'm an expert on teas and drops and tinctures, and they've all sucked for me lately :-/ It used to work for me, now it doesn't.... Peaceful sleep is becoming more and more of a "luxury", and I'm glad I discovered a product that will help me get it.