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exceeded my expectations and I can highly recommend it! :)

I was skeptical about Spoko but during a mentally challenging period it really helped calm the palate in tea with honey the best combo

Spoko is obviously a controversial product. If you don't like the taste of herbs and especially a bit of the odd goat's milk, you probably won't like it. If you're buying it for the colour, you won't be happy either. Otherwise, it's great. Simple formula, clear effect. The sweet taste lifts your mood right away, and the herbs with tiny particles of magnesium remind you why you're drinking it.

Perfect composition, perfect dietary supplement. In today's hectic times it is hard enough to fight stress, but that is what this dietary supplement helps me with. It also fights insomnia and is amazing for overall calming. I recommend it with all ten! :)

Spoko as a last drink before bed. Fall asleep quickly and be ready for the next day in the morning. I think it's great.

Since I've been using Spoko, I feel much better. It helps me relax, concentrate and most importantly sleep well! The flavor is great, but I recommend not giving yourself a full spoonful for a better taste.

Did you know that you're facing a more stressful period like deadlines at work or exams? That's where Aktin Spoko comes in, which aims to calm and harmonise us as much as possible - all thanks to a combination of four natural substances. Valerian works synergistically with lemon balm to calm the nervous system. Theanine relaxes us and you can read about the function of magnesium in my list a little further down. In addition to being funky, it tastes awfully good too! For me, it's a total staple in my evening routine during more stressful times.

Sleep helper #1 :)

I would have liked to believe in the effect, or rather to try it more thoroughly, but the taste didn't really suit me ... perhaps other flavours will be added

You wouldn't believe what a few herbs do...besides the fact that it's beautifully sweet (so I brush my teeth properly before bedtime), I sleep like a baby afterwards :D