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If you scold 2 whole gooseberries, there won't be much jam left in the end. So the gooseberries could be blended or at least cut into smaller pieces. The flavour is rather bland, but it doesn't offend.

Very tasty and natural jam, ideal for someone who does not like artificially sweetened taste.

Unfortunately a little more expensive, but I think it's worth every penny - a really great, fruity taste, wonderfully tart and very high fruit content. I can highly recommend it.

Excellent blueberry flavour. I was surprised by the taste and the smaller portion of sugar. I prefer sweeter, I don't eat them that much, but it was a nice and interesting change.

Mega currant sour. :)

I haven't tasted it yet.

EXTINCT. Sweet just right. It was just the raspberry seeds that bothered me. Therefore, to enjoy the raspberry flavor, I don't need the grains in there. A reseeded version would be MUCH BETTER.

Great jams, but the egres hruska is a terrible strange sour, otherwise great.

A great choice to sweeten the day.

Great, but the price is pretty high.