Vilgain Organic Sprouted Cashew Butter

25 Ratings

Wonderfully creamy and pleasantly sweet cashew butter. :)

I have tried several cashew butters from different manufacturers, but this one from activated nuts is clearly the BEST! Compared to other cashew butters, it has a much stronger flavor and the velvety smooth consistency is incredible!

Taste fine, just didn't find it strong enough in the porridge ☺️

All activated nut butters are simply 12/10👌🏻

The best peanut butter I know. It has an amazingly smooth consistency and taste and turns any porridge or yoghurt into a delicious breakfast/snack.

Cashew butter is not one of my fave... but this one is amazing! The flavor is so strong, I love it.

Very good, just thickened very quickly (after one day)

Hi, Pavlina, please send a photo of the butter and the batch to, we will be happy to check. Have a nice day

Truly the best nut butters (cashew and almond) distinctive flavor, the finest consistency. This is really a discovery!

This butter is one description 12/10!!! The taste is really creamy! A distinct and sweet nutty taste that melts on the tongue!

Porn 🤩 I've never eaten better cashew butter!