286 Ratings

Good composition, works as it should I recommend it

After reading the reviews, I was quite worried that I would order and not like it much, so I'll drink it with the expectation that I'll kick it in and endure the not-quite-good taste, but I was pleasantly surprised - the taste is totally fine, I have no problem at all, so for me definitely great

satisfactory, I rate positively

I - I guess the product is ok, but I don't understand the measuring cup? Is it hard to make it just big enough? 🙄

I recommend - Classic glutamine without flavor dissolves well, does not smell. Included in the package is a measuring cup (5g = 1 + 1/2 scoop) - I don't understand why the measuring cup is not straight for the given gramage.

I recommend

base - quite quality

Neither offends nor delights - Not much. Taste average and effect below average.

I don't want another one - great glutamine :)

berry blast - solubility/taste a total blast