Flapjack, a soft oat bar with a high fiber content

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great composition, I liked the maple syrup flavour very much, but the peanut butter flavour seems bland and didn't interest me

super snack

Taste absolutely great

I've bought this bar several times and it's always great. Just now when I ordered it, it's completely dry and hard. Probably a bad batch.

Great ! so far I have not tasted other flavors, but this one is very good:)

Maple syrup/pecans yummy! It's just pretty dry 😁

Excellent stuff, must always be on hand. Last time I made flapjack on cottage cheese and absolute perfection.

super na cesty, do školy...

Taste good, just crumbled a bit more. Ideal for backpacking when it's hot.

All Aktin products have excellent ingredients and simple, attractive packaging. Pecan - bar pleasantly surprised, strong nutty taste. The bar is not dried out, very good. Peanut butter - pecan flavor is better for me, it has a stronger flavor. The bar is very good, not dried out. Coconut - the coconut flavor is not artificial, I rate that very positively, the bar is not over sweetened, but for me the pecan is the best :)