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COCONUT: I love coconut, this was the obvious choice for me 🙈 It's not dry at all as some people say, it tastes like coconut/vanilla rolls 🥰 BREAD/MED: this flavor didn't really appeal to me, sweet oatmeal, but a hundred people a hundred tastes

a quick snack when one is not in a hurry

Excellent, I must never miss it at home

Je moc dobrá :)

Výborné flapjacky!

Prichut hruska med je moc dobra, neni agresivni a kombinace ladi. Vegan dobra volba. Super napad!

With these flapjacks, there's nothing to talk about. They remind me a lot of my childhood. They are pleasantly sweet, taste great and fill you up. For me at least 13/10.

Excellent, soft I will definitely buy again.

so this is a lingering goodness!! and the composition...

The coconut was very good, the pear was very hard and the maple syrup with pecans was so tasteless.