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Coconut is really delicious!

interesting crumbly consistency. but it's great in taste and composition. I LOVE

Good, but a little drier.

Interesting taste, filling as a snack for a trip, but I've eaten better flapjacks

perfect for autumn , it melts in your mouth and that taste ! Nuts and honey is the fav combo of Flapjacks .

Mega goodness :D a place in my next shopping list is certain

A total blast!

Great taste and composition, ideal snack for the mountains or as a healthy cocktail with coffee :-)

Flapjacks are great. The only thing that's not great about them is the fact that they often pretend to be a full-fledged snack, but there's a brutal amount of unnecessary stuff in them and they're so calorie-laden that you want to make yourself a proper lunch instead. BUT that's not the case and that's why I'm so happy about these faaacts. And my taste buds too. I was like, okey! Aktin has flapjacks, they'll be nutritionally super but I'm curious about that taste. I'm honestly telling you, I was left in shock myself because they surprised me extremely positively and they're really heartwarming!


Excellent consistency and taste.