Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

47 Ratings

Excellent and tasty protein for porridge and for drinking after training. I was worried that it wouldn't be sweet enough, but it's just right. I will definitely buy again.

Great! Compared to other proteins a little sweet, but that suits me. Super composition!

I have to say I was really scared that it would make me sick. And I think I've tried it so many times that it's good :D I've tried it in smoothies and yogurt with water no and I don't drink milk so that's not it either. Taste wise you can tell but it's good maybe then it would get annoying if I had it every day I want to try another flavor I plan to. Otherwise I definitely recommend it :)

The best!!! Not oversweetened, does not taste artificial, like strawberry milk, I will buy again 😁

I was used to vegan protein because of the bloat, but this one suits me perfectly. Finally a protein that is not too sweet. I wish it was a bigger package.

Vanilla is delicious with milk, but when added to porridge is almost not noticeable. Which is not a bad thing at all. Finally a protein with a subtle taste, no chemical tail. I don't buy any other brand anymore! :) Chocolate and strawberry does not delicious.

It tastes like hot chocolate from a vending machine, which is a plus for me.

strawberry taste even with grains :), no unnecessary sugar, dissolves well. With water, it's quite thin and seems to lack something. With milk, perfect.

I didn't have high expectations, but for me the biggest positive surprise from Vilgain in a long time. The fresh taste of real strawberries - compared to Grass-fed Whey strawberry is a class above for me.

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