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Taste excellent, for me it would be better without the small pieces of pumpkin.

The taste surprised me, is great, not too sweet, 5*

great protein variant, only I'm sorry that the new flavours are not also available in the grass-fed version

An amazing flavour for chai latte lovers! Just wish there was a better way to package the measuring cup, because just throw it in the box... it will run out cracked...

Have a nice day, Evi, we're sorry if your measuring cup didn't arrive safely. Please feel free to contact us in this case in an email along with a photo so that we can resolve the situation together. You have a message from me :). Have a nice day

So this is a very big treat :) I've only tried it in water so far, but it's going to be a blast in milk and a really cool non-alcoholic eggnog for Christmas :)

Eggnog? W H A T IS IT?! GOD LOVE🥲🎄✨️

White chocolate and hazelnut probably good, but no wow effect. Eggnog is probably the top for me so far.

11/10 for composition and consistency. I wouldn't buy another whey protein. Spiced Caramel Biscuit (caramel biscuit). Really good Cinnamon roll: my love <3 the first protein I ever tried and as a cinnamon lover I keep coming back to this one White chocolate & hazelnut: hazelnut and white chocolate can be smelled, the taste is not artificial at all and it smells lovely, but I personally wasn't as impressed by the taste as the previous ones.

Taste a bit bland, I expected more.

The chai latte flavor is really good, I love it. Slightly sweet, which suits me to the max and the chai spice is beautifully present in the taste.