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Great natural taste, not over-sweetened which is a big +

If you've tried BSN's vanilla protein Syntha, the taste of Vilgainu is about 40%. Which is great because those commercial proteins are personally eating me up. Those who want a strong tasting protein (but inevitably with chemistry) will have to either add something to this or buy the classic established brands. I'm not going back to them

There is absolutely no chemistry, I was very surprised by this and the taste is also great for me. I can only recommend it.

It's not very good mixed with water, but it's great with milk.

I've been looking for a protein to mix into my smoothies for a long time. Mango is the best I've ever had. There's little bits of mango in there. Mostly I feel the artificiality in every protein and it bothers me a lot, but this one is not like that, no artificiality. For example, caramel milkshake can not be put in anything, it is so artificial.. So I recommend mango, you will definitely be satisfied!!

Incredibly good! No artificial taste, dissolves well, no lumps. I need more flavors 🤘

Super taste, sweet just right. Good to mix.

Great protein, but the sweetener shouldn't be there for me, the taste doesn't really suit me, I'd rather add a little date syrup myself and it would be absolutely delicious.

I like it and it doesn't make me nauseous like other artificial sweeteners. :)

I already have the vanilla as a regular, as soon as the mango came up I immediately ordered :) and it's great! I've made a smoothie with coconut "milk" and half a banana and it's luxurious, you can taste the mango in it but it's not over sweetened :) haven't tried it on its own yet, but in a smoothie great