Sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil

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Perfect sardines! - I stopped buying sardines because of the bones and backbones. These sardines have none of that and are just perfect!


The best sardines 🤤 - These little fish won me over right away, they taste great, and I like them best with super bread, I can get tired of such a dinner 😁😁😁


In a spread or just with bread. Yummy!


Necessity - I love fish spread, but I hate the bones in sardines, however Aktin sardines are boneless, which is a total blast, and the taste is fabulous.


Very good :) - I haven't had sardines in a terribly long time, and I loved these! No artificiality, a bit more salty, but otherwise yummy! Just honest fish 😊😍🙏


WOW! If I knew how bomb these sardines are, they wouldn't have been waiting in the cupboard for almost three quarters of a year. It's a good thing I tasted them now and more than one pack will fly into my cart, because really wow!

THE BEST sardines under the sun🙏🏼You won't taste, you won't know! And full of omega 3 MK🤩

Excellent for spreads. O:)

Not for me, unfortunately, because I can't stand the taste of sardines for years, but my dad liked them, so for him yes :D

Excellent, for fish spread they are TOP ;).