Sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil

153 Ratings

ordinary, nothing significantly different than the shop's good sardines

Yummy! I love them.

Best sardines I've ever had. I don't buy any more.

Excellent, ideal portion size for breakfast/dinner. I buy repeatedly.

I've never liked sardines, but these are really from a quality source, which you can feel in the taste. I use them in spreads or as a quick protein addition to a meal.

A must for my obsession, as one of the ingredients I slap on Vilgain pizza base at least once a week. The quality of these sardines is indescribable. Both in terms of visual and taste.

Time-saving compared to sardines from regular stores.

In a spread or just with bread. Yummy!

WOW! If I knew how bomb these sardines are, they wouldn't have been waiting in the cupboard for almost three quarters of a year. It's a good thing I tasted them now and more than one pack will fly into my cart, because really wow!

THE BEST sardines under the sun🙏🏼You won't taste, you won't know! And full of omega 3 MK🤩