Freeze-dried fruit

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Freeze‑dried fruit

Freeze‑dried fruit, or freeze‑dried fruit, is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional dried fruit, which can also be made at home. Freeze‑drying is a drying process over several days, during which the fruit loses up to 95 % of its water content. Thanks to this extremely gentle method, freeze‑dried fruit is characterised by:

  • maximum content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,
  • natural texture, colour and aroma,
  • longer shelf life,
  • crispness,
  • the possibility of partial rehydration.

Due to the lack of heat treatment, freeze‑dried fruit is a raw food and does not need to be sweetened or sulphurised.

Moreover, lyo fruit powder can be used as a natural colouring or flavouring, in unflavoured proteins, smoothies or porridges. And if you want to enjoy it a little more, reach for freeze‑dried fruit in chocolate.