Andrea Fortelková

Andrea Fortelková

Definitely better than the spelt version, which unfortunately tore a bit. But they taste quite similar. It's the quickest dish to add whatever you're in the mood for.

A classic I buy regularly. Great creamy consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny.

This is a total blast! I will definitely be ordering regularly. You can add absolutely anything and within a quarter of an hour, a full meal is on the table. 🍕It looks a bit like a tortilla, but the result is really quite different, plus it crisps up after baking. 🤤 10/10!

It has half less kcal than the classic nut cream per 100g, which is totally awesome. Just mix it with water, so you can make the consistency your own.

Chocolate cupcake with peanut buttercream - a combination of my two favourites, I have nothing to add... 🍫🥜🤤 The consistency is a bit stiffer than the others I've tasted.

Crunchy, sweet, can be added really anywhere. 🤤

The Vilgain protein has a great composition, but also taste. It dissolves great in water, just not as sweet - some people may prefer that. The small 30g pack is a very handy thing to have on the go. 👌🏼

I use peanut butters every day in porridge, mugcakes or on toast with ricotta and banana... addiction! Hazelnuts with chocolate taste like Kinder bueno. 🤤

There are no flakes like flakes... A creamy consistency that resembles pudding. Plus (as the name suggests) they're ready in a jiffy.