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Canned tuna always struck me as pretty disgusting.. until I decided to try this one. It's great! No flavorings, no grease, and no weird tasting "tail". It's become a must-have pantry staple. :)

Great for a quick healthy snack.

Best tuna in a can, pieces of real fish, no extra junk. For spread, salad or spaghetti, I always have a supply at home.

Excellent, we order regularly :) Great taste and value.

I never knew there could be such a difference in a can of tuna (and sardines). And I have to say, there really is! Value for money? Priceless!


Not many tuna in its own juice tastes so good. I practically don't buy any more! It's most useful when you don't have time to cook lunch, or in a spread for a snack.

tuna is a complete staple in my diet, in salads, in pasta.. it's a super source of omega 3, minimal fat, lots of protein and low calories :) perfect :)

A quick source of quality protein, great on salads or just on bread.

Quality tuna, super nutritional source.

Tuna is a staple for any athlete in my opinion :D this one is amazing in both taste and quality. So I recommend it! And it's much cheaper from the store :)